Celebrities Smoking e-cigarettes

Celebrities are switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Which celebs have been recently spotted smoking an e-cigarette? Celebs who smoke e-cigs include Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears (and her ex Kevin Federline), Lindsay Lohan, Eric Roberts, Danny Bonaduce, Kate Moss (who, by the way, is also one of Johnny Depp’s exes), Tom Petty, Paris Hilton and even more celebrities are switching to e-cigarettes. Dropping the tobacco habit and going tobacco-less with electronic cigarettes is the hot new smoking trend. Hollywood often sets the trends that the rest of the world picks up, whether fashion or diet or otherwise. Some trends pass, but e-cigarettes are one of the Hollywood trends that will stick. Why? Health benefits are one reason why electronic cigarettes should rise above trend status and become the cigarettes of choice. And e-cigs can be smoked, or as smokers of electronic cigarettes say “vaped” anywhere since they are smokeless. This means e-cigarettes can be smoked in night clubs, bars, restaurants, stores, on trains and on other public transportation as well as in public places that outlaw traditional smoking.

Electronic cigarettes also offer more flavor variety than traditional tobacco cigarettes and for those who are trying to quit tobacco smokes, electronic cigarettes can help transition a tobacco smoker to an e-cigs smoker. Often, the oral fixation is what a smoker craves. Smokers are not just indulging in a nicotine addiction. And smokers of e-cigarettes can continue to indulge their oral fixation with e-cigs. Electronic cigarettes are often beautifully designed with colorful or glowing cartridges and can be used to accessorize a particular look for parties or night clubs, which is especially appealing to celebrities. The Halo G6 e cig is one of the most popular celebrity electronic cigarettes.



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