Miley Cyrus Haircut

Miley Cyrus first lopped off her long locks and tossed her hair extensions in favor of a shoulder length cut and also bleached out the tawny brunette color to a light buttery platinum blonde. Shortly after, she hacked her hair to the pixie length “Pink” lookalike cut. A day after she Britney’d her hair, press releases stated the Miley Cyrus haircut was for charity, but realistically, her hair length wasn’t long enough for a charity hair donation to make wigs for cancer or alopecia patients and she supposedly cut her hair in a hotel room. Methinks the story about she “cut her hair for charity” was damage control by her publicity team. Miley had been on Twitter cryptically tweeting about being depressed and sad, stating that while she was there for people, they were not there for her.

Psychology Behind Girls Cutting their Hair

Miley is still engaged to her fiance, surprisingly enough. Typically, this type of hair cutting follows a break-up. There is a psychology behind girls cutting their hair. Now, Miley’s hair has been pro-styled to look more flattering. She carries off the short mopsy cut well. But… there is probably some turmoil inside Miley that she needs to address. Aggressive hair cutting and coloring is indicative of personality issues and attention-seeking. Hopefully, those around Miley will make sure she gets the attention she needs, professional or otherwise. And hopefully, her team doesn’t just dismiss her actions like they did re: the hair cutting with strategic press releases.

Hair Cuts Reflect Change

Still, Miley looks happy with her new haircut. Maybe she wanted to see a change to reflect a change she wanted to make in her life or to show people she had control of her life. Especially when her image is one that is to a degree controlled by others, perhaps she was asserting: I can do whatever I want. Who could blame her for that? Former child stars have been “over-handled” by parents and handlers from a young age and to disastrous results in some cases, a la Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, et al. Here’s to hoping Miley Cyrus is in charge of herself and happy.



One Response to “Miley Cyrus Haircut”

  • Brandy:

    Miley Cyrus’ haircut is Retro-Style Hairstyle. Maybe it will catch on like Posh’s bob did a few years ago. Although, Posh’s short cut was actually a necessity since her hair had been over-processed and over-weaved and needed a break from all the fuss.

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