Celebrity Fascination

Cultural Fascination with Celebrities

Do you ever wonder why people are so fascinated with today’s celebrities and the latest gossip? This human social behavior has been around for thousands of years. Celebrity fascination dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans who would share stories about deities, rulers and aristocrats. They even had their own equivalent of gossip columnists. Stories about powerful gods, goddesses, politicians, noble men and women were popular with citizens of all socioeconomic classes. This trend has lived on for centuries. All the juicy things we hear now on tv or read on the internet or in the tabloids about celebs, politicians, reality stars and the rich only seem to increase our drive to talk about and consume everything we can about these personages. The dark side of celebrity fascination is that people these days seem more concerned about what celebrities are doing vs. what is going on in their own lives. People want to know where they are, who they are dating or cheating on, what they are wearing, etc. It is, in essence, a form of worship. Yet people are no strangers to worshiping false idols or indulging in idolatry. Take the Greeks again, for example. They worshiped many Gods and Goddesses of their time. Their entire lives revolved around deities and how to please them and conform to what these Gods and Goddesses expected of mere mortals. One contrast from ancient to modern times would be in today’s society when people go out and buy designer clothes and accessories to mimic others and “please the Gods”.

Celebrity Worship

Is it even possible to step away from celebrity worship and focus on ourselves and what we need to do to make ourselves happy? Or are we doomed to keep up the celeb obsessions which has been part of human behavior for many millennia. At minimum, worshiping celebrities and participating in gossip is passing entertainment. In fact, celebrity worship can create a feeling of inadequacy, that our lives are meaningless without money, fame and material possessions, when the opposite is true, we can be happier, rich even with what money cannot buy.

Guest blog: Cori/CA

One Response to “Celebrity Fascination”

  • D:

    This idea of keeping up with celebrities does seem to be on the rise. I for one think it’s a bit sad, sorry to all the celebrity worshiper’s out there. Of course some regions/cities are more afflicted with this sort of preoccupation of being rich and famous. I am glad you added that last paragraph, sometimes people can loose sight of what actually may make them happy in the end. I haven’t given up hope of having a so called normal life and being happy without having to keep up with the celebrity lifestyle.

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