Since the dawn of fame there has always been one massive nuisance which has plagued the celebrity community and they are known by the nasty name paparazzi. This word stems from an Italian onomatopoeia used to describe the sound of the annoying buzz of an insect and was first used in the film, La Dolce Vita, to refer to a particular annoying news photographer. Now, the word paparazzi is used to describe people who go out and take photos or videos of celebrities, athletes, politicians, royalty and any other influential persons. They tend to be independent with no ties to any major journalism company who sell photos they snap to the highest bidder. However, there are select celebrity media entities and tabloids who may have their own photographers and videographers on staff.

Paps have many ways to get the desired shot they want of someone famous whether it be climbing trees, riding in a helicopter or staking out the person’s house for days on end. Many celebs have complained about the lengths that paparazzi go to in order to invade the celeb’s personal life. Fortunately, there are certain laws in places, such as in France, which limit the ability these people can take to invade space by inducing curfews and staging events where the paparazzi can not take pictures or they would be subject to fines or imprisonment. But there are no such laws in the States. And the irony is, the way people are these days, obsessed about wanting to know everything about their favorite stars, has created the photo feeding frenzy which the paparazzi supply.

In general paps can make up to $250 a picture of any star, but they make most of their money from videos and pictures of controversial or international stars including: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Due to the large amount of money that can be brought in from a single photo, it has driven many people to go out and try to do this on their own just to make an extra few bucks. The thing is, no one likes paparazzi, but sometimes paparazzi are used by a clever agent or sneaky celebrity who will text alert paparazzi to a photo op. But in general, the paps do nothing but cause problems for celebs and even the non-famous neighbors of these people. When will this end? Will it take another tragedy like the car crash which took the life of Princess Diana in France for laws regarding paparazzi to be drafted and enforced in other countries?


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    I have seen it reported that two paparazzi had a chance to get a picture of Kate going into the hospital to give birth to the Royal baby but they didn’t take the pictures. I don’t know if this was out of respect for the Royal family or if they were just payed off by the Royal family. Although as stated above the paparazzi had zero respect for the Royal family in Diana’s case.

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