Celebrity Stalkers

Being a famous celebrity always has its perks, but there is always a muzzle placed on the evil mouth of the dark side of being a celeb. Apparently, some people either feel the need to relentlessly stalk and harass certain celebrities or are mentally ill and focus on celebrities as the objects of their sick obsessions. These celebrity stalkers do crazy things like try to follow them around everywhere they go, do all sorts of research on them including things as intimate as background checks and family trees. Some even go as far as to create a personal shrine in their home just to worship the celebrity that they’ve developed their obsession with. It’s pretty insane if you think about it, but these examples and situations have all happened.

One example of how celebrity stalking can be dangerous is a recent occurrence right at one of the homes of Jennifer Lopez. Luckily, she was away from her Long Island home when a stalker took up residence in her pool house. According to police reports, a deranged man lived in her pool house for the week she was gone. The man was discovered by some people who maintain Jennifer’s home and they alerted the police. The stalker already had a restraining order placed against him by Lopez and was charged by law enforcement officials with possession of burglary tools, two felonies, second degree burglary and a first degree criminal contempt for breaking his restraining order.

Another example of recent over-obsession by celebrity stalkers is one involving Selena Gomez. A nutcase who was extremely obsessed with the beautiful singer and actress claimed to have had actual conversations with God himself about killing Selena Gomez. When Selena and her legal team found out about this schizo, she applied to the court for a permanent restraining order, but for some ignorant reason the judge declined the request until the man showed up in court. When the man admitted his crazed obsession with Selena, she obviously got her restraining order.


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  • D:

    What happened? Did the three bloggers stop signing their blogs? How am I going to Stalk my favourite blog writer? Ok I am just kidding of course. I think these people that take Celeb Whorshipping too far, have many other problems. That really doesn’t remove the muzzle to the celebs head, though. One extreme case, is of course John Lennon.

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    Thanks for signing the blogs. I can go back to stalking.

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