Are We Fans of Celebs or Fans of Ourselves?

Kanye West finally said something I can agree with… In an interview on BBC Radio 1 from which I will quote, and an advance thank you to the Radio Show for eliciting such pith from Yeezy and for allowing me to use the quote on the Celeb Slap blog, Kanye basically stated that we might use him as a little rush, a little caffeine boost:

“If you’re a Kanye fan, you’re not a fan of me, you’re a fan of yourself. I’m just the espresso. I’m just the shot in the morning.”

Isn’t this a shot of truth? Most of us follow celebs and their exploits, by watching tv, reading blogs, tabloids, mags, listening to terrestrial, internet or satellite radio. We devour words and images. In reality, we are not in contact with these celebs unless we tweet them, we do not share much if anything at all in common with them. But when we need that boost, that little something extra, we might seek out the latest on the celebs we love or the celebs we love to hate. Kanye included.

You readers, yes you, could probably name off the celebs of interest to you now, the list might be different than last year’s, than the year before, than a decade before. I even remember my elderly great-grandmother chatting with my grandmother and mother about film stars and their secret, sordid lives. There were gossip columnists and tattlers in newspapers, tabs and mags as soon as motion pictures launched. Larger than life celebrity figures were created. Were people truly fans? Or did they just want to get their celebrity fix since the dawn of celebrity gossip?


One Response to “Are We Fans of Celebs or Fans of Ourselves?”

  • mmm:

    my cubicle job is so borrrring, I need my celebrity fix every workday. who wants to read the news? it’s so depressing. most celeb gossip blogs slow down on the weekends, ever notice that? I think the need for celeb gossip is driven by people who are bored at work or school.

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